Tuesday, August 2, 2011


  Jobs are hard enough to come by these days, with the way the economy is, let alone trying to find jobs for convicted felons. The problem for getting a job as convicted felon is almost everywhere you go, you get treated the same as if you were a murderer or if you just wrote a bad check perhaps on accident. For example, on an application it may ask, "if your a convicted felon check yes or no, if yes, please explain." Now most places that have this question say that this will not affect your eligibility for the job. However when they review the application and see this, they'll try and put you off, pass the buck by saying that their boss won't allow them to hire you, or there just not hiring right now to come back on a later date only to hear the same exact thing. So much for that job!......

  As a convicted felon, you sometimes have to bend the rules a little to get a job. Like I said before when the application ask if you are a convicted felon, you simply check no. Most smaller businesses don't even run a background check because it cost money and that money has to come from somewhere. Make your application look as professional and neat as possible, filling out every section there is. If a there's a section that doesn't apply to you simply write n/a. Also make sure you write down legitimate references, this can be is very important. When you do this so make sure to tell the people you that you wrote down that you put them as a reference and may receive a call from the employer (don't forget to remind your references to stay away from the convicted felon question). However, if you don't have any references put either Friends or family, and if none there your last option, just make some people up with phone numbers and whatever else it ask, it looks better than leaving it blank.

  When you are finished, turn in your application shake their hand when doing so, this shows much respect and confidence.  Now if they are in fact hiring and you are lucky enough to get an interview, you should dress properly for the job. A good way to determine what to wear is to look at their uniform and base it off that except a little nicer to show the employer you are ready to work and already gleaned the proper attire. In the interview try to stay away from any questions pertaining to arrest. On the contrary only talk about your strengths, capable abilities, and experience in the specific job field you're getting an interview for. Also be sure to keep eye contact with the person and seem to talk with confidence but not too much you don't want to seem cocky. While naming your good points about yourself, also throw in a bad but not too bad thing, for example state that sometimes i can be too much of a perfectionist but people do enjoy my quality work ethics. See it's not real bad but you make it out to be and then come back with another positive attribute.

  Finally, once the interview is over, shake hands once more while smiling a genuine smile. Thank the employer for their time and listen closely to everything they have to say. If you don' get the job immediately ask when you can expect a decision, try and to get an exact date and ask if it's ok to call or check back with them if you don't hear anything by the specified date. Don't forget to check back with them, and keep up with each job so you have greatest chance of getting a job as a convicted felon. If you do get a job and at a later date and boss realizes that you're a convicted felon, your employer will most likely look the other way or accept it, rarely will they fire you for this. At least this way you have the opportunity to KEEP working once hired, oppose to not even get an interview be cause of your record.

  Being a convicted felon makes it a hard to get a job at a lot of places, but it's not impossible to do so. With the right kind of knowledge, perseverance, and motivation you should be able to get a job with no problem (if they're hiring). Hope this article helps everyone that is and is not a convicted felon trying to do the right thing and find a job to be a productive member of society.